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Sergeant Young



Thank you for choosing SGT Young's License to carry and Concealed Handgun Certification.

SGT Young offers quality training in HOUSTON and HARRIS COUNTY TEXAS.  I am willing to come to your home, church or civic club to offer quality compentent training.

 Need your license?  Call me at the phone number above.  


If you prefer, you can take the course in the comfort of your own home, at your on pace on-line:


  1) Go to the bottom of this page to choose the online concealed Handgun or License to carry class

  2) Click on the Texas Gun License Course on line link.

 3) Then click pay now link to log in and pay for the course.

4) Then take the classroom part of the course.

  5) After you complete the course, to get your certificate signed and your License To Carry registration forms contact me.

6) We then will go to the gun range and you take your gun certification/qualification for the completion of the course. 

7) Now send in your information, completed forms, and follow their directions to recieve your License To Carry. 

Click here for the Texas Gun license course on-line

 Please visit the site links Below

1. CHL (DPS)

2. Pepper Sprays, Stun Guns, and Tasers

3. Concealed Handgun Association


*4. Texas Gun license Course On Line